Friday, June 16, 2017

All By Myself

I'm leaving this weekend to go on vacation.  I'm heading to California wine country to bike, hike and taste.  I've signed up for a group trip where I am the only one who signed up, so it will just be me and the guide.  My sister and I usually take trips together but last fall she told me she couldn't this year and so I thought, be brave, go on vacation by yourself.  Every trip we've ever been on has always had at least one woman traveling all by herself and they always fit in with the group and they always have a good time, so I thought, why not me too?

I have flown all the way to Europe on my own to meet my sister or a cousin for traveling.  It's kind of fun to land in Florence and know your sister's plane will be landing at any minute.  This entitles you to say things like, "I'm meeting my sister in Florence in a week" and impress your friends with how worldly you are.

For the past few years my job has been challenging and so my sister has been the one to really pay attention to what our plans are.  Since she moved back to the East Coast eight years ago I drive up to her house and we fly together.  As long as my suitcase is packed and I get to her house on time, it's all good.  This year however, it's just me.  I need to know which hotels I'm staying in, and pay attention to the itinerary and get myself to the airport and back in time.

I hear you out there "Grow Up Lady!! Sheesh, people travel alone all the time!"  Right, I know that.  I'm a grown up, I can do this.  It's just that it's the first time.  I don't even have a young nephew with me to bounce my questions off "Did you see my sea pass?"  "No, but maybe it's with mine" "What?  You can't find yours either?  Shoot, let's ransack the cabin again..."

I'm excited but I'm also a little nervous.  The company I purchased the trip with always make sure their clients have a wonderful time so I think it's going to be great.  It's just that, well, I'll be all by myself.  I'm about to find out if I like traveling all by myself.  If I do, I will definitely be going on more trips like this.  I'm not even going to consider the alternative.  Glass half full, right?  Right!

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